Discipleship Year

Being with Jesus. Learning from Jesus.
Becoming like Jesus. Doing what Jesus did.

RBC’s “Discipleship Year” is about growing as disciples of Jesus. It involves learning how to partner with him in your life journey; practicing his presence, being formed into his likeness and demonstrating his goodness and love into a broken world. It’s ideally suited (but not restricted) to ‘gap year’ students.

What happens on the discipleship year?

This is an an exciting opportunity to receive teaching, training and equipping as you grow as a disciple of Jesus. You’ll also have a mentor and be invested in by church leaders. The teaching covers a variety of areas including biblical studies, interpreting the scriptures, spiritual practices, Christian ministry and the mission of the church.

The year involves a mixture of directed study, teaching, discussion and reflection along with opportunities for practical outworking through involvement in the ministries of the church.




“I wanted to do the discipleship year in order to experience the ‘behind-the-scenes’ detail of church leadership and to start exploring key theological themes and ideas as a foundation for future studies. It’s been a great environment and opportunity to delve deeper. Also, to serve as part of the youth ministry in the church.”



“This year of discipleship has been a great way to experience what it’s like working in a church, and to begin more in-depth study of the Bible before moving on to theological college. I love how we keep our studies grounded in reality, and how we’re constantly trying to put what we learn into practice.”

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